575 Blithedale


575 Blithedale, also known as Richardson Terrace, will help relieve Mill Valley’s persistent housing challenges by creating 25 new homes and two to three new professional office spaces. Six of the project’s housing units, or approximately 25% of the total, will be affordable to lower- and middle-income residents.


Economic Benefits and Community Safety 

Richardson Terrace will provide important benefits for the Mill Valley community well before its units are move-in ready. We expect the construction process to create several dozen temporary jobs for residents of Marin County and surrounding areas. 

Moving forward, the addition of 25 new households of varying sizes and up to three small businesses will increase economic activity in the area, benefiting the existing independently owned shops, restaurants, and service providers that make Mill Valley such a vibrant place to live.

The city of Mill Valley will benefit greatly from the development of 575 Blithedale as well, and we are grateful for the extensive feedback and cooperation we’ve received from the city and its stakeholders as we’ve moved toward groundbreaking. 

Likewise, with more than two dozen owner-occupied homes and rentals and two to three professional spaces, 575 Blithedale will help grow the city’s property tax base and generate additional revenue to support city and county services, ultimately benefiting all Mill Valley residents. 


Meeting Demands for Affordability, Equity, and Diversity

We also expect Richardson Terrace to enhance quality of life for residents who choose to live in its homes. 

The project’s affordable units will be purchased by the Mill Valley school district in order to then lease them out to their teachers and employees ensuring that these properties will be occupied by local persons.

And these new residents will enjoy the many advantages of homeownership, such as building equity and qualifying for income tax deductions, while joining a sought-after community with abundant natural resources, an excellent school system, and inimitable character. 

Richardson Terrace is located on what is perhaps the city’s best-situated undeveloped lot, in the midst of a vibrant, highly walkable area that’s close to a major community center, public schools, restaurants, shops, transit, and grocery stores.


New Opportunities to Live and Work in Mill Valley

575 Blithedale will create new opportunities for people to live and work in Mill Valley, as well. Currently, more than 90% of the city’s workforce commutes into town from other parts of the Bay Area. Meanwhile, pre-pandemic, many Mill Valley residents commuted to jobs in San Francisco and points south, and we expect many will return to work on the Peninsula as time goes on. 

575 Blithedale residents who are employed locally will enjoy short commutes to and from work, alleviating traffic congestion here in Mill Valley and across the wider region. Because it’s located close to a regional transit hub, 575 Blithedale residents will find it easy to use public transportation to reach out-of-town jobs.


Development Location

Development overview of Blithedale Terrace in Mill Valley, California.



Exterior rendering of 575 Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California 94941






Unit Drawings

Type A

Unit A plans and section for 575 Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California.

Type B

Unit B plans and section for 575 Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California.

Type C

Unit C plans and section for 575 Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California.

Type D

Unit D plans and section for 575 Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, California.